Sunday, April 18, 2010

Africa Mission Trip

All excited and a little nervous about a medical mission trip to Nairobi, Africa. As Jimmy and I are watching the news early AM we see about the volcano errupting in Iceland. I get the globe down and I think- wonder if that could effect our landing in Amsterdam? Plan was to leave Atlanta on April 15th and return the 24th. We all meet at Dr. Eane's office (the opthamologist that arranged the trip) get all baggage weighed and loaded. After a little exchange of conversation it is time to pray and hit the road. We arrived in Atlanta and ate our "last meal" at Olive Garden. Rahcel and I are drinking our tea because we knew that it was probally our  last glass util returning. We get to the airport  the sky hops take our luggage, bring us to the ticket counter and they are starting to assign seats.  Robbie D. being the first and then----all flights to Europe are canceled! So, needless to say we are standing and waiting for 4 hours I might add to see if they could reroute us. They could but we would leave Atlanta on Sunday evening arrive in Nairobi early tuesday morning and start clinic. I thought to myself whew that would be tuff, but I am part of the team that I believe God has ordained for this trip. So, I will do what Dr. Mark felt led to do. As it turns out he decided after talking to the missionary (Steve) that was working with the pastor of the church there to cancel and maybe try to reschedule in November or December. so, al the great pictures I was going to take will have to wait along with the possibility of a Safari. I was disappointed but also know that God was in control and this all happened for a reason. May never know why but know that God has a plan. I will be ready to go if in fact it does get rescheduled for a later date or maybe another mission trip if it is in God's plan for me.

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