Saturday, February 6, 2010

Carley Ellen's Birthday/Easter Dress

This is the beginning of a very special dress for a sweet little girl.
I will be anxious to get both of them done before her birthday in a few days.

This is a big year for Carley Ellen as she gets a doll that looks like her for her 5th birthday as well as an Easter/Birthday dress that I smocked for her as well as the doll. Carley has spent a lot of time looking at My Twin magazines wishing for the doll that looks like her. I am so excited about the year finally getting here that her dream will come true! The dress is what I call Robin Egg Blue and will be so pretty on her. I remember when she was younger all she wanted to wear was the dresses that I had smocked for her. I love to see my granddaughters in beautiful handmade dresses and barefoot. I thank God for the gift of sewing and loving every minute of it.

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The Archer's said...

aww! You are such a sweet mama & Gamma! I can't wait to see Carley in her beautiful dress!